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I don’t know if you remember me but i am log dog5. I have not been on wordpress for maby about 2 months. It has come to summer so i am going to take a brake from clubpenguin and my bloging for a while. This is not perment but it could be. So by i guess, this could be forever.

Log dog5

p.s thanks for all of the partys Dj Splash. U where great. I will not give up my club penguin account and will not delet my wordpress account or blog. All i will do is pick some one to be a co-owner of it.

Posted by: treeface40 | May 16, 2009


Hello penguins.

Well, I never really realized it, but I guess I’m an author of this site… but Logdog5 didn’t really notify me. But, you probably won’t see me posting here, as Logdog5 and Djsplash left me in the dust after I quit and when I came back, never said a word.

So yeah, just wanted to let you know what kind of people these two are.


Posted by: kostaleka | May 12, 2009

New Author!

Hi Penguins! Kosta Leka posting! I’m a new author! If anyone wants to be an author on my blog, Then just comment on one of the posts. For example like this:

Hello my name is ——-

I would like to be an author/editor/contributor/administrator.

My e-mail is ————–

My Penguin Name is ————

My blog is ——————–

Bye! and, thanks for letting me be an author/editor/contributor/administrator.

You can copy and paste this into a comment just take away the ———–.

Visit to comment to be an author/editor/contributor/administrator.

I would prefer author, editor or administrator. I don’t want any contributors right now.

Waddle on!

P.S. Please ask to be something on my blog. I only have 2 people who work on my blog.

P.P.S. Visit my blog,!

~Kosta Leka~

Posted by: log dog5 | April 28, 2009

Contest! (maybe)

Is there anyone who would like a FREE nonmember penguin? Well I have one! His name is log dog1! Cool name dont you think? Well the contest is…… To comment the most! Who ever can comment 50 times first wins the penguin! If you where to comment 50 times, on the 50th time you would comment your e-mail with it!


No spaming!

good luck and start commenting!

Posted by: log dog5 | April 28, 2009

Games update!

Brand new! New: sledracing has a new sled and dance contest has new songs! Yes, sled racing now has a toboggen for members to buy! It does not improve you or anything because i am a nonmember and beat a member with a regular sled! In other news, dance contest has some new songs! They are really fun! Comment on how you like them! Here are some pics! (thank you to clubpenguin team)




Posted by: log dog5 | April 28, 2009

Medieval Party!

A new party is coming! From May 8 – 17th Clubpenguin will be in the medieval times! There will be knights dragons and preety princess. It should be a blast! Stay tuned for updates! I had a picture of a sneak peak but it would not show up! I will try to get another one.

Posted by: log dog5 | April 23, 2009

New Funny Photo!

As you may have noticed, I have a funny photos page! At the very bottom I have just added a new one! Thanks to Club Penguin team! Here it is!


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Posted by: log dog5 | April 21, 2009

Djsplash Quiting!

My dear friend Dj Splash is quiting bloging and Club Penguin forever! Here is what he wrote.

Hey guys, over the past few weeks, i have seen this shooting game called Team Fortress 2. I am enjoying it highly and it makes me feel like ‘Im to old for CP. To old for waddlin, just right for shootin’ So ive made a tough decision, that i am quitting CP and blogging forever. I have been unable to post as my Computers been broken. I will miss all the friends  i made. I will have a leaving party. As me, you other ones will also quit CP one day.Its just to old to me. I need to move on. My blog made 10,000 hits, which is a fantastic achvivment for me :)   I might give my blog away to someone who has:

Visited my blog everyday

Enjoys my blog

When i do quit, this blog might become usless and empty. I might delete it. Well, this might be the final time. Waddle On! :(

But, i have a few special thanks to some special people:

Boo5001-For being the top person on visiting this site and a awsome friend

Amy Skyfly-For being great freinds with me on club Penguin and Real Life! (Shes my Maths and literacy partner!)

Billythepet-For going to email me a coin code which i recieive as a giveaway present and a great friend in CP

Shoja1- For letting me use his penguin (Banned for 72 hours by some jerk) and a Big Spamming Dude Lol!

Logdog5-For being the first ever viewer and always helping me with everything, and always visiting my partys

Graysnow- For being a fantastic friend

Agent14562, Dancing Queen,Hamruninu22,Frenhg,HUDSIN-For mailing me awsome messages, and always keeping intouch with me.

Well, i guess this is it. Goodbye Forever! I will visit this blog to see comments saying ‘Dont quit!’  Which might change my mind. Untill then, Waddle On!


GOODBYE! :(         :(          :(             :(

Isent that sad! Visit his blog so we can try to get 10,000 hits befor he leaves! !!!!!! Please go to it.

Log dog5

Posted by: log dog5 | April 14, 2009

Meet Me! Log dog5!

If you want to meet me, go on fjord! That is the sever I am almost always on! Check out my new page “Wheres Log Dog5!”

Log Dog5

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